The Peoples Bank is able to provide the most innovative services in banking. From VISA Checkcards to Image Statements to Internet Banking, we're doing more to make banking easier for you.

VISA Checkcard

Enjoy the convenience of a debit card issued by The Peoples Bank. Use your Peoples Bank VISA Checkcard instead of a check and pay directly from your checking account wherever you see the VISA symbol -- at millions of merchant locations around the world. There is no checkbook to carry. No check to write. No waiting for check approval. When you carry your Peoples Bank VISA Checkcard in your wallet, you have the easiest way to pay for everyday purchases. There is no charge for the initial card. There may be a fee for a replacement card.

VISA Travel Money Cards

Don’t deal with the hassle of keeping up with paper travelers’ cheques.

VISA Gift Cards

It’s the only gift that truly is one size fits all. Accepted anywhere you see the Visa logo.

Safe Deposit Boxes

If your looking for a place to secure your treasured personal items and important documents, The Peoples Bank offers a variety of Safe Deposit boxes at the following locations:

  • The Main Office - Ripley
  • North Branch - Ripley
  • Blue Mountain Office
  • Walnut Office

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Your ATM card, Debit card, and The Peoples Bank's ATMs provide you with 24-hour banking 7 days a week. As a member of the PULSE network, The Peoples Bank provides you access to thousands of ATMs worldwide. In addition, our machines can provide cash advances to VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card card holders.

Your ATM Services allow you to:

  • Withdraw cash from your Checking or Savings account
  • Make deposits to your Checking or Savings account at our Main Branch.
  • Transfer funds between your Checking and Savings account whenever you wish
  • Determine account balances
  • Get cash advances with your VISA, MasterCard, or Discover Card
* Cash withdrawals using your ATM card are limited to $300 per transaction up to $500 per day or your available account balance, whichever is less.